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The Guidance You Need In Real Estate Law

At Fugate Gangstad Lowe LLC, our attorneys provide real estate professionals, business owners, and franchisees in Indiana counsel on the purchase and lease of commercial real estate. With our knowledgeable, skilled guidance, these individuals can rest assured that they are making sound investments and that their transactions can be completed efficiently and successfully.

The Commercial Real Estate Law Services We Offer

At our firm, much of our work in real estate estate law is closely related to our work in franchise law. We advise franchisees in purchasing commercial property, including reviewing and negotiating the terms of commercial leases.

We also help our clients with the development of commercial properties. Purchasers of undeveloped parcels in an undeveloped area should understand that those developing the land often rely on the money from their purchase to prepare the parcel for construction.

With the current real estate market, many new and inexperienced developers are marketing land. However, these developers sometimes lack the expertise to fulfill their obligations under the purchase agreement. When developers fail to deliver on their promises, we hold them accountable. We work with our clients and their lenders to ensure our clients’ funds are only paid to developers after portions of the work have been completed to help minimize our client’s financial exposure.

How An Attorney Can Help Real Estate Professionals

In addition to business owners and franchisees, we also work with real estate industry professionals. We represent real estate brokers and agents who have been wronged by other agents or brokers or their clients. You may be dealing with an exclusive listing agreement, a property management agreement or the nonpayment or the underpayment of commission. If you are a real estate agent or broker who is facing any of these issues or is otherwise in need of legal guidance, our attorneys are here to help.

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If you are seeking guidance in a commercial real estate transaction or are facing a legal dispute related to real estate, contact us. We offer free initial consultations where we can learn about your situation and goals and begin to formulate a strategy. Call 317-825-8727 or reach out online to schedule an appointment.