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Real Estate Law

Fugate Gangstad Lowe provides our real estate clients, including real estate agents, brokers, our franchise law and start-up clients, counsel on the purchase and lease of residential and commercial real estate.  

We represent landlords and draft leases that fit their needs and goals. We help our landlords negotiate with tenants and ensure our clients stay within their comfort zones on lease terms, tenant improvements and lease rates. 


We help tenants understand the terms of their lease and negotiate the terms that are most important to them.  Tenants should try to minimize their personal guarantees, rental rates and guaranteed terms of their leases among other items.  Leases are always drafted by landlords and tenants need to know that many items in the lease are negotiable. Our role is to make the lease much more tenant friendly through rounds and rounds of negotiation.

We also help our clients on the purchase of commercial properties. It is vital that purchasers of undeveloped parcels in an undeveloped development understand that many developers need the money from their purchase to get the property to pad ready. With the current real estate market, many new and inexperienced developers are marketing land but these developers sometimes lake the expertise to fulfill their obligations under the purchase agreement. We work with our clients and their lenders to ensure our clients' funds are only paid to developers after portions of the work has been completed to help minimize our clients' financial exposure.

We also work with brokers and agents who have been wronged by other agents, brokers or their clients.  This includes exclusive listing agreements, property management agreements and the non-payment or underpayment of commissions.  If you are real estate agent or broker that needs legal advice, you should contact us.

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