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Insurance Claims

Whether you’re a business owner, a homeowner, an auto owner, or an individual who has received costly medical treatment, insurance coverage is supposed to protect you. But sometimes insurance companies incorrectly deny claims for insurance coverage, putting you or your business in huge financial peril.

An insurance denial may seem final, but it often is not. If your insurance claim was denied, there are things you can do to enforce the provisions of your policy. Fugate Gangstad’s attorneys know insurance law. Our clients depend on us to review insurance policies for applicability and scope of coverage conditions, exclusions, definitions of important terms, and interpretation of key provisions that may offer, preclude, or limit coverage under the law. 

Our attorneys’ ability to frame coverage-related issues and discuss them with your insurer gives you a significant advantage in receiving the full value of your insurance policy.

Even if your insurance claim has already been denied, our attorneys may be able to help you get the full benefit of your coverage.

For more information about our ability to protect your interests in insurance coverage disputes, call Anne Lowe at (317) 829-6797 or email Anne Lowe at

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