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Franchise Law

Our franchise practice offers a personal touch to franchising. We offer hourly, flat rate and subscription fee legal services. Our experience, knowledge and perspective gained from representing franchisees in the past gives us the ability to efficiently advise and counsel franchisees looking to buy a single franchise unit or multiple units. We provide a review of the FDD and franchise agreement and prepare a memorandum of negotiating points.  We also ensure our franchisee clients  have fair lease terms and completely understand those terms.

Here are just some of the franchise law services we offer our clients:

  • drafting FDD and Franchise Agreements

  • registering frachise systems with states

  • drafting Licensing Agreements

  • counseling franchisees in purchasing single or multi-unit franchises

  • entity selection and formation

  • franchisee representation negotiating franchise agreement

  • franchise disclosure document review 

  • lease negotiation

  • location selection planning

  • owner succession planning

  • real estate purchase agreements

  • construction document review

  • termination of franchise obligations

  • resolving non-compete issues after termination


Our franchise clients will tell you that we are very responsive and answer all questions quickly whether big or small. We want our clients to consider us their partner as compared to others in an industry riddled with business brokers, franchise brokers, real estate brokers, individuals and companies that are not always looking out for their customers' best interests. There is a lot of money at stake and many franchisees put their retirement or house on the line when they begin their franchise journey. Our goal is to to help you make the right decision and negotiate the best deal for you.  

Franchise Commercial Leasing

The second most important document for a franchisee is their commercial lease.  The terms of the lease are just as important as the location, which can make or break a franchise.  We serve as commercial leasing counsel to franchisees and review and negotiate their leases in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.  We regularly review commercial leases and deal with landlords in Indiana and throughout the country.

Please contact Craig Fugate today at 317-796-4322 or to find out more so that we can learn how we can best serve you, and what you can expect from us as your legal counsel. 

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